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About www.cpgrad.org.uk

The purpose of this Christian postgraduate students' directory is to link up resources and information to encourage Christian postgraduates and other university members, especially in the UK, in their callings as disciples of Jesus Christ. It aims to help God's people to make best use of their academic gifts for the glory of God while reaching out with Christ’s love to the rapidly-growing postgraduate student community.

The number of postgraduate students in the UK has grown dramatically in the last few years. In 2008-9, 22% of the student population comprised postgraduates, and 30% of degrees issued by the UK's universities were postgraduate degrees1. At some universities postgrads now make up over 50% of the annual intake.

Throughout the world, the professions, commerce, media and government are regular employers of people who hold a postgraduate degree - with a significant proportion of these degrees awarded by British universities (183,000 postgraduates in the UK in 2008-9 were from overseas1). The potential influence of postgraduate students from the UK in shaping cultures is considerable.

Postgraduates form a community distinct from the undergraduate student body. International postgraduates in particular (34% of the total1) can struggle to integrate into local Christian groups, and many come from countries with minimal Christian witness. There is a pressing need for dedicated support for postgraduate students.

This website was set up in conjunction with the postgrad ministry of Friends International. It is offered independently as a service to the Christian postgraduate community.

1 Higher Education Statistics Agency

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